CFAR Autotrend

Defect detection without compromise

CFAR Autotrend is an automatic, dependable, robust alert detection tool that detects events and trends in condition monitoring data to provide the earliest possible detection of a defect.

Combines novel adaptive threshold technology that provides automatic alerts without compromising detection sensitivity to achieve an acceptable false alert rate

With novel automatic trend detections that identify the turning point in the data to provide the most accurate trend possible.

Capabilities include:

  • Automatic adaptive threshold technique that adapts to the local not global conditions of the asset
  • Automatic trend detection with turning point identified
  • Automatic detection of events in data that varies with time and asset and accommodates discontinuities in the data
  • Low False Alert rate less than 10% of valid alerts

From a US Army evaluation the CFAR Autotrend technology:

  • Exceeded static thresholding detection accuracy
  • Provided earlier detection that static thresholds
  • Detected maintenance events (material faults) not identified by static thresholds
  • Demonstrated that the False Alert target of 10% of true alerts can be met

ref: US Army RDECOM; TECHNICAL REPORT RDMR-AE-11-0; dated December 2011.

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